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    Supplier Assessments

    Quick and easy online assessment process

    An online assessment process which can take just one day to complete. There’s no need for unnecessary paperwork. Online bespoke pre-qualification questionnaires are simply issued, which are then completed and allow bidding businesses to be assessed immediately.

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    Quick and easy approval of contractors and consultants

    Source, assess and approve contractors and consultants quickly and easily as part of a fully interactive online process.

    Create your own pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs) to meet your business requirements to ensure all contractors you employ are fit for purpose, fully qualified, legitimate and meet relevant health and safety requirements.

    A fully integrated audit trail also allows you to demonstrate mandatory processes, such as compliance and fulfil all regulatory requirements.

    Plus, you can involve internal teams by tasking them with the sections they need to evaluate.
    It’s a really easy process:

    1. Issue real-time PQQs to any organisation you deal with
    2. Let them complete the document online and submit it to you for initial checks via our gateway process
    3. If everything is good, start your evaluation process
    4. Otherwise decline the gateway and send it back with comments

    Once everything is complete ‘lock’ the PQQ down and securely store online for future reference.
    It’s simple, quick, efficient and means you only work with the best contractors and deliver a fully compliant and risk-free project.

    Demonstrate local spend

    Having access to so many suppliers, which you can search for based on location means you can demonstrate your efforts to work with SMEs and support local businesses.
    Once you have engaged with and selected your chosen suppliers, your entire supply chain can then be managed on the platform so all parties know what activity is being carried out, by who and how much it is costing.

    Local Supply Chain gives you easy access to thousands of suppliers, making your selection process more slick and efficient. It’s an obvious choice.

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    Main Contractors

    Assess and employ the best suppliers within one day

    Sourcing and assessing suppliers has never been so quick and easy.
    Local Supply Chain allows you to carry out your supplier assessments online by simply creating and issuing your own pre-qualification questionnaires your chosen contractors.

    Of course, you’ll already have viewed their profile and previous performance on the platform. The next stage is to confirm their suitability for your project.

    Suppliers can complete the PQQ online for you to carry out your initial checks, then if everything is OK, you can then carry out your evaluation.

    Being able to carry out these evaluations yourself reduces the risk to your business and ensures you only employ the most qualified, experienced and safe contractors.

    Assessments used to be time-consuming and costly. Not anymore. With Local Supply Chain they’re simple, fast and free. So quick in fact the whole process can be carried out in just one day.

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    Online assessment to make it even easier to win new work

    Be assessed for new projects as part of an online process which is much easier for you and main contractors than traditional paper-based questionnaires.

    Main contractors will send you their pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs), then if you’re interested you can complete them and be assessed.

    If you don’t want to be involved in a project you can simply decline the invitation to carry out the PQQ and provide feedback to the main contractor.

    As all information about a project is held on the platform, you will know everything you need about the requirements and whether you’re qualified to carry out the work.

    You’ll have also probably expressed an interest in the scheme, so the main contractor knows you’re a potential candidate.

    Once you’ve submitted your PQQ and been assessed, the main contractor can decide on whether you’re suitable for the job straight away. In fact, the whole process can take as little as one day!
    Local Supply Chain manages the whole assessment process, establishes a working relationship between you and the main contractor very quickly and easily which is beneficial for everyone involved.

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    Fully interactive assessment process to gain more new clients

    Win more new clients as part of a fully interactive assessment process.
    You’ll receive and invitation to complete an online pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQs) from the client to gauge whether the services you provide are suitable for a forthcoming project.

    If you qualify and your portfolio impresses, you will be fully assessed and asked to provide certain information to ensure the client meets its compliance and regulatory requirements.

    If you’ve seen the project’s pipeline, you’ll have already seen the proposed plans and probably expressed an interest.

    The client will also have seen your profile and decided whether you would be suitable based on attributes, such as your location and previous performance.

    It’s an easy, quick and thorough process, which establishes relationships with you and the client, eliminates the need for paperwork and ensures project delivery doesn’t stall with unnecessary waiting times. Local Supply Chain is ‘win win’ for you and the client.

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