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    Pipelines advertised at early stages of a project

    Advertised project pipelines provide the opportunity for clients, main contractors, clients and suppliers to engage at the very early stages of a project. All interested parties can monitor the progress of a project and be notified about all activity to improve awareness and communication.

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    Engage with SMEs at the early stages of a project

    Share your future pipeline of construction projects and allow local businesses to view plans as soon as they happen.

    Supporting local businesses has never been easier as you can source and interact with the tradespeople you need depending on where your projects are based.

    You can even set and monitor targets relating to local spend, labour and employment – plus develop KPIs to gauge how your projects are impacting local communities.

    It’s also great for local business as they can view project details at an early stage and make sure they bid for them at the right time. This not only increases their chances of winning, but also makes sure you employ the best tradespeople for your projects.

    As all activity is captured on Local Supply Chain, you can view at any time the workload of the businesses and tradespeople you’re either working with – or looking to approach.

    This means you only engage with those who have capacity to meet your requirements for when you need them. Plus, as the whole supply chain can view their workloads, projects can be carried out more efficiently as additional businesses can be employed if there’s an issue with resource or capacity.

    Local Supply Chain is the ultimate platform for you to advertise your platforms, engage with local businesses and increase your chances of having a positive impact on local economies, employment and environments.

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    Main Contractors

    Promote your projects to local businesses

    Share your future pipeline of construction projects with your supply chain and engage with key suppliers from the early stages.

    Advertising your projects at the very early stages means local businesses can view plans and ensure they have adequate resource for your project if they plan to tender.

    It’s also allows your suppliers to:

    • Engage with you at the early stages of your projects
    • Be informed of all your plans
    • Watch the projects you post
    • Be kept informed as projects progress and work opportunities become available
    It’s really easy to post a project and the earlier you do this the better. Even if work isn’t set to start straight away, you can start to gather data on which local suppliers there are available, and which one are watching your projects.

    Local Supply Chain allows you and your suppliers to plan in a much more efficient way, whilst engaging from the very early stages of your projects.

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    Access all work opportunities in your local area

    View and watch all projects which are being planned in your area – including public sector schemes, which aren’t always easy to find.

    You will be able to see every initiative which is being planned wherever you’re located, whether it’s a small-scale residential build or a large-scale development, such as a new retail park.

    Just log into Local Supply Chain, view everything that’s happening in your area and advertise your business for the projects that are of interest.

    Main contractors post their project pipelines to determine which tradespeople are available in their chosen area and engage with them from the very early stages of a project.

    You can watch and monitor all project activity, express interest in the schemes you want to be involved with and make sure you have the resource needed to carry out the work.

    Once you’ve advertised your interest in a project, you’ll be notified as it progresses, which allows you to get involved in specific parts of the scheme.

    Having this vital information and access to all projects allows you to source, choose and engage with the projects you wish – decreasing the amount of time your take trying to find work, and increasing the chances of you winning more. All at just the click of a button!

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    View and access all project pipelines in your chosen areas

    Increase the chances of being awarded more work by monitoring upcoming projects in areas where you operate.

    Clients and main contractors use the platform to post their pipelines so you can view their plans and express interest on your chosen initiatives – including those public sector builds, which aren’t always easy to come across.

    Viewing all planned projects means you can determine whether your services are required and allocate resource accordingly for when they’re set to commence.

    Simply log in, view all activity which is set to happen in the areas you provide your services and promote your business to the relevant clients and main contractors.

    Early engagement benefits all parties as project planners know what resource is available and you can give yourself the best chance of winning more work.

    Once you start watching a project, you’ll be notified about all activity so you can interact with planners at all stages of the scheme.

    Even if the specification of a project isn’t yet complete, you can still get involved, for example if an authority builds a school, it will be advertised as a pipeline and architects can then bid for the architectural packages.

    Whatever service you provide, you can get involved at the very early stages of a project, manage as many as you like and ensure you only express interest in those which are relevant. All of this at just the click of a button!

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