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    View and manage all project activity anywhere, anytime

    Cloud-based software, which can be accessed from any device, anywhere. View and manage all project activity and view real-time reports about all elements of a project. Increase collaboration across your business and supply chain.

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    Complete oversight of every project

    Access every element of activity on all your projects, regardless of whether they’re being managed by your client organisation or a main contractor.

    You can share details of your projects even before a main contractor has been appointed so they can then engage with local tradespeople a lot earlier in the process.

    This cascade of information ensures everyone involved in a project always has complete oversight.

    As a project develops, you can continue to share them with main contractors, so they are fully prepared and have the relevant trades and materials in place for when it’s time for them to take control.

    You can also link and manage all elements of all projects by:

    • Frameworks
    • Business units
    • Procurements
    • Suppliers
    • Performance

    Local Supply Chain allows you to manage every element of a project in one place, whist engaging with all other businesses involved.

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    Main Contractors

    Total project management across your business

    Gain oversight and control over all construction projects you manage across your organisation. View dashboard information and quickly see how many projects you have at each stage, share projects and documentation with colleagues and collaborate with suppliers.
    View each project in detail, along with work packages, procurements, awards, suppliers and performance information.

    This is an important feature which allows the platform to link up data and information across the site.

    We can link projects to your:

    • Users
    • Business units
    • Clients
    • Work packages
    • Procurements
    • Awards

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    Manage all tenders and projects onsite or in the office

    Having all tender and project online and in one place means you have total oversight of all project activity in once place, including projects which you’re currently pricing for and others which are in progress.

    Plus, you can access all the information you need from any device, so whether you’re in the office or out onsite, you can see the latest project activity within seconds.

    Just log in and your project dashboard will display real-time updates on elements, such as budget, local spend and who is/has been currently working onsite.

    As everyone can login, collaboration between colleagues and teams in improved. The need to carry out time-consuming admin and unnecessary emails is also removed, which improves efficiency and gives you more time to deliver your projects.

    You can even share tenders from main contractors and pricing documents form colleagues.
    Everything about all projects is available in once place, making your life so much easier. Don’t make work for yourself, use Local Supply Chain!

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    Tender and project management in one place

    Have total oversight of all projects in one central hub – whether you’re already servicing them or would like to win the contract.

    The cloud-base software can be accessed from a PC, tablet or smartphone, so whether you’re based in your office or at a construction site, you can instantly view all project information.

    Everyone involved can log in and access real-time reports on all data, including KPIs, budget and time allocation. Tenders and pricing documents are also available to view from main contractors and tradespeople.

    Everything is stored in one place and continuously updated by all team members, which improves efficiency across your business.

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