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    Comprehensive supplier profiles to increase transparency and confidence

    The ability to make informed supplier decisions based on in-depth profiles, which include details of experience, qualifications and past performance. A platform for suppliers to showcase their business and build confidence across their supply chains.

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    Make more informed supplier decisions

    Suppliers which register with Local Supply Chain have a profile, which includes information about their location, trade, qualifications and previous project performance.
    You can view and access these profiles to ensure you only engage and work with suppliers which are fully compliance and meet the requirements of your projects.
    Local Supply Chain is a central source of suppliers no matter where your projects are being carried out or what trades you require.

    Our growing database of 25,000 suppliers means it’s really accessible and easy to collate as much information as you need.

    Demonstrate local spend

    Having access to so many suppliers, which you can search for based on location means you can demonstrate your efforts to work with SMEs and support local businesses.
    Once you have engaged with and selected your chosen suppliers, your entire supply chain can then be managed on the platform so all parties know what activity is being carried out, by who and how much it is costing.

    Local Supply Chain gives you easy access to thousands of suppliers, making your selection process more slick and efficient. It’s an obvious choice.

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    Main Contractors

    Fully transparent supplier information

    It’s vital to ensure you work with suppliers who are fully compliant and fit for purpose. If not it could have serious consequences on your project.
    That’s why Local Supply Chains gives you access to the right information on the right suppliers throughout the procurement process

    Suppliers who register on the platform display lots of information about their businesses, including the trades they work in, location, qualifications, professional credentials and previous performance.
    Suppliers with green profiles mean the information they’re displaying has been verified by us – giving you even more confidence in their credentials.

    This means when you search for suppliers for your projects, you can make sure they’re qualified, compliant and have the relevant experience to meet your requirements.
    Even if a supplier catches your eye, but their profile isn’t totally complete, you can request they do this before you issue and award your tender bids.

    Having all supplier information instantly available and being able to contact them at the click of a button makes the whole selection process much more efficient and allows you to spend more time on your projects.

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    Exhibit your business and increase your chances of winning more work

    Engage with the UK’s construction industry by registering – for free -on Local Supply Chain means you’ll have be able to showcase everything about your trade and skills needed for clients, main contractors and buyers to send you tenders for their projects.
    It’s a bit like having a shop window for people to see what you can do!

    Create your profile now and display information about:

    • Your trade and skills
    • Key contact details
    • Area(s) where you work
    • Insurance and financial information
    • Trade and business certificates, including PAS91 and SSIP
    • Memberships, for example to Constructionline and CHAS

    You can also set up mobile alerts, so you’ll be notified when any of the above need updating or you receive a new enquiry – even when you’re working onsite.

    Fully interactive platform

    Local Supply Chain is an interactive platform so even if your tenders aren’t successful, you can gather feedback to help you improve future bids and increase your chances of winning work.
    You can also issue your own enquiries, invitations to tender and place orders, meaning all administration work can be carried out in one place and you can spend even more time onsite!

    Go green and boost your profile

    For just a few pence a day, we can validate all the information you submit to your profile and you’ll display as a ‘verified’ business, giving you more kudos across the platform and the supply chains you operate in.
    You’ll also appear at the top of search results, making it much easier and quicker clients, main contractors and buyers to find the top services they require – and increases your chance of winning more work!

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    Access to the UK’s construction industry at your fingertips

    Register with Local Supply Chain now – for free - and advertise your business to the UK’s construction industry.
    Clients, main contractors and buyers will be able to instantly search for and see everything they need to about your business so they can then engage with you if what you provide meets their requirements.

    Your free profile will include:

    • Details of what services you provide
    • Key contact details
    • Background to your
    • Professional qualifications
    Receive feedback on tenders

    Often no feedback is given regarding unsuccessful tenders. We understand how valuable this is though, so have made it easy for clients and main contractors provide their comments on why they didn’t pursue a tender.

    Improve your visibility across the platform

    We can validate all your business information and qualifications so you display as a ‘verified’ business, which will provide people with more confidence in engaging with you.
    Plus, you’ll appear as a top business in search results, which will provide you with more enquiries for new work.

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