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Bringing Buyers & Suppliers together across the Construction Industry

Local Supply Chain

The platform was developed by CEO Richard Ratcliffe to meet a need across the UK’s construction industry for software to manage all project management processes in one place.

Our early clients used the platform for sourcing subcontractors for construction projects across the East Midlands and we gained some 3,000 sub-contractor registrations within the first 12 months.

As usage increased we introduced new features for our clients, including the sharing of pipeline projects, issuing and receiving PQQs and enquiries, performing awards and providing feedback.

Our clients and partners

We work with an increasing number of leading organisations across the public and private sectors, with our software helping clients ranging from self-employed tradespeople to multi-national construction companies.

Today, our platform has attracted over 10,000 active users and manages more than £3bn of projects and procurements.

Our clients and partners
Our expert team

Our expert team

Our team is made up of industry experts focussed on delivering technology that works. We’ve dedicated our time and effort to the many innovative features that drive the Local Supply Chain platform.

We understand the nature of the construction industry and know the importance of a high performing supply chain. It’s critical to the success of each and every project, and essential to the long-term prosperity of our clients’ brands, people and performance.

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