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Source, Manage & Engage the best suppliers
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Broadcast Pipeline
Source Suppliers
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Source, Manage & Engage the best suppliers for your business

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Broadcast Projects

Broadcast Projects
  • Broadcast details of future Pipeline projects to chosen suppliers
  • Collaborate, be transparent & share information
  • View who's interested in working with you at an early stage
  • Source suppliers in new geographical areas
  • Streamlined PQQ process
  • Enhance your tender & framework bids

Source Suppliers

Source Suppliers
  • Source from a National database of 25,000 suppliers
  • Classify your own supply chain for your business
  • Search by location, trade, codes, labels profile status & more...
  • Use our 'Market Engagement Tool' to engage the local market
  • Create work packages, set a radius & issue expressions of interest
  • View responses, see who's interested & prepare for ITT stage

Profile & Statistics

Profile & Statistics
  • Gain a competitive advantage & unlock your supply chain
  • All the information you need to make better decisions
  • View supplier profiles (insurances, financials, key contacts etc)
  • View supplier performance statistics
  • EOI responses, win rates, previous awards & engagement
  • Use across your business, joining up your knowledge

Issue Enquiries

Issue Enquiries
  • A fully integrated platform with 'built in' procurement tools
  • One streamlined process for EOI, ITT, Award & Feedback
  • Set deadlines for responses
  • Issue tender enquiries to chosen suppliers
  • Track progress with full audit facilities
  • Gain a helicopter view from your Dashboard

Awards & Declines

Awards & Declines
  • Perform online awards to successful bidders
  • Keep a full audit trail for each work package
  • Performance statistics instantly updated
  • Local Spend & engagement KPIs
  • Issue declines & feedback
  • Gain insightful information

Featured Suppliers

Deliver a range of benefits with LSC:

Save money

  • Improve supplier selection leading to project cost savings
  • Eliminate overlapping / legacy systems
  • Optimise internal resources for supply chain
  • Quicker lead times
  • Adopt Best in Class procurement processes

Save time

  • Reduce duplication, paperwork and spreadsheets
  • Streamline processes
  • Online EOI, ITT and Awards
  • Faster sourcing & supply chain assembly
  • Full mobile working

Better Project Outcomes

  • Faster lead times & better pricing from trusted suppliers
  • Fact based Supply chain assembly
  • Get the best suppliers on your projects
  • Build long term relationships with suppliers
  • Performance management & continuous improvement

Differentiate your business

  • Demonstrate strong supply chain practices
  • Robust response to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Strong commitment to development of local suppliers
  • Enhance future tender bids with LSC innovations

Improve supplier relationships

  • Share Pipeline information with key suppliers
  • Gain interest and invite suppliers to participate
  • One source of information across Industry
  • Provide feedback on performance & bids

Enhance Governance

  • Standardise processes across your business
  • One database, one source of truth
  • Instant supplier information & credit ratings
  • Management of dependent suppliers
  • Clean handover from estimating to production

Align to the needs of your Clients

  • Boost the local economy by spending cash locally
  • Respond to the Social Value Act & CSR
  • Source, develop and engage local suppliers
  • Add value by turning your Clients ‘Policy into Practice’

Make more informed decisions

  • Unify departments, offices & business units
  • Accurate fact based information
  • Select the ‘best’ suppliers for your projects
  • Monitor dependency & not overload good suppliers
  • Enhanced statistics and MI

Work in new geographical areas

  • National database of Sub Contractors & Consultants
  • Request Supplier profile information (e.g. insurances)
  • Source new suppliers
  • Retain information for the long term

Environment Impacts

  • Save travel, time & money
  • Reduce carbon footprint

Scalable & Robust

  • Start small, grow big
  • True Cloud Based protection
  • Secure and trustworthy (ISO 270001 compliant)

Simple on-boarding process

  • Easy to deploy with virtually no training
  • App style, user friendly interface
  • Account manager to keep you on track

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Local Supply Chain

Source, Manage & Engage the best suppliers
Learn more about our service.

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