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Connecting tradespeople with local work

What is Work Radar?

Work Radar has been created to help tradespeople find work local to them FOR FREE. We have huge main contractors from all over the UK posting projects on the system for tradespeople to access and work on.

With over twenty of the UK’s largest main contractors using Work Radar to find local workers every day, there is a huge amount of opportunity for tradespeople seeking work. Large UK Construction companies are targeted with having local people on site for their projects to help boost local economies. By joining Work Radar, tradespeople are getting direct access to large construction companies and projects in their area that they may not have been aware of previously.

Work Radar is really easy to use and totally free for tradespeople. All they need to register is a CSCS card and they can create a profile which is then visible to main contractors/buyers using the system to source workers. Work Radar has been created with input from both tradespeople and buyers so the system stays simple and easy to use, whilst also providing a much needed platform for people to find work.

3 Benefits:

  • Free for tradespeople to join
  • £3BN worth of projects going through the system each year
  • Used by top UK construction companies
  • How does it work?

    Work Radar

    Who uses Work Radar?

    Work Radar Companies

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