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What does LSC actually do?

What do our systems do?

Our portfolio of products enables our users to effectively manage their supply chains, frameworks, DPS and KPIs. Our systems have been fully built around the UK construction industry and perfectly attune to the needs of the Built Environment whilst allowing our customers to: Save money Save time Streamline their processes Reduce the need for manual intervention Win more work Evidence compliance Manage existing supply chains Source local contractors, tradespeople, social enterprises, SMEs and microbusinesses.

Who are LSC:

Our team is made up of industry experts focused on delivering technology that works. We’ve dedicated our time and effort to the many innovative features that drive the Local Supply Chain platform and products and we understand the nature of the construction industry and the importance of a high performing supply chain. To ensure success within the Built Environment, we know that, to our customers, a robust and well managed supply chain is critical to the success of each and every project, and essential to the long-term prosperity of our clients’ brands, people and performance.

We work alongside main contractors, framework owners and clients, constantly innovating and adapting our system to reflect the industry’s wants and needs. Our dynamic approach and tailored membership options enable us to, not only manage supply chain information, but capture and handle data which can then be used to win places on frameworks, win more work and boost our customer’s offering to clients.

Local Supply Chain


  • Build stronger supply chains Smarter procurement for your teams
  • Reduce risk and streamline processes
  • Drive value across your supply chain
  • Evidencing social value

Work Radar

Work Radar

  • Increasing local employment
  • Boosting communities nationwide
  • Enabling Tradespeople, Micro Businesses and Social Enterprises to work on large public and private sector projects
  • Creating a fair and level playing field for skilled Tradespeople, Micro businesses and Social Enterprises
  • Removing barriers to entry
  • Boosting visibility
  • Increasing buyer confidence

Construct DPS

Construct DPS

  • National EU compliant supply chain of pre-approved contractors
  • Cost saving against traditional frameworks
  • No third party fees
  • Collaboration across your teams and business units

Performance 365


  • Measure project and framework success
  • Showcase performance across multiple projects and frameworks
  • Predict KPI trends & performance measures
  • Demonstrate KPI achievements to existing clients and in future bids

For more information or to arrange a demo of any of our products, please contact the team today.

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