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Here’s why Sustainability is central to everything LSC software delivers.

What is Corporate Sustainability?

The aim of Corporate Sustainability is to create long-term stakeholder value by implementing strategies that focus on ethical, social, environmental, cultural, and economic business practices. However, we would like to move the discussion from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards Creating Shared Value (CSR).

Both views derive from studies on Sustainability, and both provide better outcomes; but what is the difference, and which has the greater value?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a self-regulation which sets out to ensure that an organisation contributes — or gives something back — to people within the organisation or externally: society, the environment, volunteering for good causes and / or adopting ethical practices. It is a method for an organisation to set their own targets and report successes against these targets.

CSR has been an interesting and much debated topic for years, yet we still have issues in attempting to come to workable solutions within todays society. It goes without saying that those organisations who deliver a strong and focused CSR strategy are contributing towards creating better working conditions and business practices, but is it — and will it ever be — enough?

CSR - “As an organisation, we will be successful in our industry and in doing so we will also look to….”

Creating Shared Value is embedding the values of CSR, more so within everything we do as a business. Rather than develop a successful model and give something of value back from its success, LSC creates shared value for every user signed up to the platform.

We look to include every user in the journey we take, especially the journey construction projects take through LSC. Each and every user is a part of what makes LSC as successful as it is today. Whether you are a Public Sector client with large development plans, a framework hub, a main contractor, or a subcontractor, you will not only find value yourself within LSC, but you will also play a role in creating value for other user types too.

This means that everyone involved is central to the growing success of LSC when it comes to Shared Value & Social Value; for every user registered plays a part in generating value for other users, and for every user registered, there is a value case.

CSV - “as an organisation, LSC will provide the tools to create and share value amongst our users. The more each party uses these tools, the more each party will gain value and create value”.

Both Corporate Social Responsibility and Creating Shared Value have an impact on the good they seek to deliver. However, only one of them creates an environment whereby the value is gained and reciprocally created in the same actions — and that is Creating Shared Value. This is what Local Supply Chain delivers best: better than any other supply chain management and procurement platform in the Construction Industry.

Whether you are a client, a framework hub or a main contractor and you want to play a part in Creating Shared Value through the construction supply chain, get in touch and learn how you can through Local Supply Chain.

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