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What is Work Radar?

Work Radar helps apprentices, tradespeople and small businesses find work on construction projects. Work Radar is FREE to join and helps local people win more work.

Each user is given a profile where they can upload apprentice information, CSCS card details and qualifications (if applicable). Users are then able to view large UK construction projects and be connected to local work-winning contractors seeking apprentices, tradespeople or subcontractors.

Once you have a position, you can pause your profile until you are ready to start seeking work again i.e. at the end of a project/at the end of your apprenticeship.

Work Radar helps all those seeking work in construction including placing ex-forces, ex-offenders and people released on temporary licence with contractors willing to support their journey back into the workforce. If you meet one of the above criteria, please register as a tradesperson.

Who is the scheme for?


Tradespeople or apprentices seeking work

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Small Businesses

That has less than 10 employees and are looking to subcontract

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Are you looking to engage local people on your projects?

I am a...


Looking to find local tradespeople, apprentices and small businesses

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Client/Main Contractor

Looking to open up my projects to find local people within the supply chain

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How does it work?


Projects are posted on Work Radar seeking local apprentices, tradespeople and businesses


If the project is within the users preferred location, they receive a notification to register their interest


Users can select multiple projects to get involved with and their details will be shared with the winning contractor


Kier is firmly committed to opening up our projects to engage a wide range of local workers. We have support available for new people looking to come into the construction industry, apprentices, ex-forces, ex-offenders and release on temporary licence.

We are delighted to be a member of the work radar scheme and offer our skills and expertise to all those seeking work


Morgan Sindall Construction believes in increasing the diversity of our supply chain and see Work Radar as a refreshing and engaging way of helping tradespeople gain work on projects local to them.

We are delighted to be a founding member of Work Radar, helping individual Tradespeople, Micro Businesses and Social Enterprises gain local work in our sector.

Gavin Jamieson, Head of Supply Chain, Morgan Sindall

Morgan Sindall
Department for Work & Pensions

… We are delighted that Morgan Sindall and Local Supply Chain have come together to provide an agile and effective route to connecting people and under-represented companies to work opportunity in construction.

This intervention supports our Talent Retention Scheme and will help to get those individuals and companies who have been hardest hit by recent events back into the workplace…


We believe that micro-businesses should be given the tools and support to access opportunities, be competitive and win work.

SMAS Worksafe a leading SSIP scheme, is proud to be a member of Work Radar and believe that this type of intervention is crucial to support UK businesses through these ongoing challenging times

Danny Marinou, MD, SMAS Worksafe


Read more about the benefits of Work Radar

Changing the game

A new way for people in construction to find and secure work.

Changing the game
Breaking down barriers

Breaking down barriers

Enabling Tradespeople, Micro Businesses and Social Enterprises to work on large public and private sector projects.

Boosting the economy

Increasing local employment, boosting communities nationwide.

Boosting the economy
Equality in construction

Equality in construction

Opening up the construction sector, creating a fair and level playing field for skilled Tradespeople, Micro businesses and Social Enterprises.

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